PubMed Knowledge Graph Datasets

Dataset Name PKG (1781-2018)
Description PubMed Knowledge Graph (PKG (1781-2018)) by extracting bio-entities from 29 million PubMed articles, disambiguating author names of PubMed articles published between 1781 and 2018, and integrating fine-grained affiliation data and extended author and project data.
URL Download URL (52GB)
Dataset Name PKG (1781-2020)
Description The PKG (1781-2020) updated the previous PKG version with PubMed 2020 baseline files, PubMed daily updates files, and extracted bio-entities, author disambiguation results, and extended author information. In addition, the PKG (1781-2020) also includes two new data sources: Scimago that containing journal information, and WOS citations which contains reference relations between PMID and reference PMID and extracted from WOS.

Database Features: 1-PKG (1781-2020) Features.docx
Database Description: 2-PKG (1781-2020) Database Description.docx

Dataset Merge Instructions:
  1. When all 11 files have been successfully downloaded and verified by MD5, the 11 files can be combined into one file using the following command in Linux system:
    cat pubmed20_v2.0.sql.gz_* > pubmed20.sql.gz
  2. Next, you can inject the dataset into the target database using the following command:
    gunzip < pubmed20.sql.gz | mysql -uusername -ppassword destinationDatabaseName
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